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August 15, 2016

One week until the kickstarter launches!

Earthsong kicstarter starts August 29th

Things worth knowing about the kickstarter:
- The kickstarter will be in CANADIAN dollars. They won't let me do it in USD. So the prices will look higher, but you'll still be paying what I WOULD have charged you if they had let me campaign in USD. For instance, $20 CAD for one volume = $15 USD.
- There will be a LIMITED early bird rate if you buy all 5 volumes!
- I will also be offering bookplates with a hand-drawn sketch on them for an extra $10. It's not an add-on though, I made separate tiers for books + bookplates - Make sure you select the right one if this is something you'd like!

Anyhow, I do hope it's a success, but man, getting FOUR whole volumes done at once is going to be quite the mountain to climb in terms of fundraising. Fingers crossed!