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January 6, 2011

Ah, Wesley... you drive me absolutely bonkers in the first season of ST:TNG. Although, honestly, that whole season is just a nightmare of plotholes and poor character development. I love that Wil Wheaton has such a good sense of humour about the role though.

[EDIT: I realised a few days after posting this that I had mistakenly used "Number Two" instead of "Number One", completely screwing up the Star Trek reference. Let me explain: back when I was originally watching ST:TNG as a wee youngin', I thought it was silly for Riker to be "Number One" when it was Picard who was in charge. Riker should have been "Number Two" instead! My subconscious, it appears, agrees with me, and decided to make me mess up this joke. That plus "number two" makes for more obvious toilet humour. C'est la vie!]