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This One's the Sunlight...

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:43 am    Post subject: This One's the Sunlight... Reply with quote

And if right is leaving, I'd rather be wrong...



"I don't like sappy love songs when they match my mood."

He raised an eyebrow. I jerked my head away.

Jeremy had every bit of me down, and it had gotten to the point where I assumed he knew everything about me. Occasionally, I wondered if that was how he did it. Pick a new project, watch very closely, then just repeat until I let my guard down. Then he doesn't have to bother. I just tell him.

A reasonable person, in reaction to such a revelation of possibility, might have decided to stop talking to him about every little thing. And were I not so in need of advice every three minutes, I might have done that. For about a day. He could be so charming, curse him.

"How is Kelsey, by the way?" he asked, smiling like an angel. Post-descent, naturally.

"I wouldn't know." I can beat anyone on Earth in an unconvincing lie-off. Come on. Try me. I've got that line, what's the best you've got?

"Anna..." he sang softly.

"Absolutely head over heels for your, and I quote her best friend, 'sort of bad, but angelic at the same time,' self."

"I weep for the poor girl. Incompatible orientation and someone so clearly out of her league?" Jer clucked disapprovingly at this lack of proper planning.

"Oh, hush," I said. "You are not out of her league."

He smiled.

I shifted and tried to hide behind my coffee. Right. As if we'd ever end up having a conversation that only had one meaning.

Blond, glowing, thin, popular, bubbly, A-student Kelsey. Yeah. Weep for me. And she had to be the nicest girl in town, too. I could've just stayed away from her if it weren't for that.

"You do fine when you apply yourself, you know."

"Yeah. Now if only I could find a school subject I care about."

"Or another benefit."

"I'm afraid the idea of impressing my lady isn't exactly going to help my concentration."

His eyes flickered behind me, probably checking the clock by the front door. "You know what you should do?"

"I know many things I should do. Do you have a specific one in mind?"

"You should tell her."

"Ah, yes. That would work out splendidly, I'm sure."

"Come on, just try the words out."

"What? 'Hey, Kelsey, I've had a crush on you since freshman year, and I finally worked up the courage to tell you. Would you like to celebrate me finally getting over my conviction that you're straight by announcing yourself to be bi and going out to a movie?'"

"That sounds pretty good, actually," she said. "I've always had a soft spot for someone who bothers to be blunt."

No hush fell in the coffee shop, but had anyone had a sense of dramatic timing, it would have.

"That is Kelsey."


"You weren't checking the clock."


So many options. Bolting for the door occurred, honestly. As did pretending to have been joking. Practicing for a play, although that was terribly trite, or talking about someone else...

I turned around to say something to bubbly, sweet, smart Kelsey.

"I heard that there's a good adventure flick showing. Wanna catch and early showing and then have dinner? There's this place I think you'd like just down the road."
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