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Broken heart, Estella Loveless

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PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 11:14 pm    Post subject: Broken heart, Estella Loveless Reply with quote

He was handsome, and deserved so much better than her, but, for some strange reason, he wanted to be with her. He had a mad passion that blinded him. They stood hand in hand and eye to eye under the glow of a street-lamp.

"I love you." Was what he said.
"I love you too." She didn't.

She saw him lean close to her, she could smell his cologne distinctly. It wasn't cheap. He really went all out. She returned the gesture in a modest kiss. He must have thought she was being coy. They hadn't dated long. If only he knew. Her thoughts drifted to her true love. She wanted to hate him, but all she felt was a sharp pain in her chest. She thanked God they had moved out of the light and towards her porch where he said goodbye, I'll call you, and turned to leave. At the sidewalk he turned and waved. She waved back. She wanted to cry a little.

Inside her home a cat rushed towards her leg where it began to rub and purr.

"Jerry, I'm not in the mood." Estella pushed the cat away, but it returned to its spot a second later. Defeated by the cats affection, she leaned down to scratch him behind the ears before walking into her room and shutting the door. On her dresser was a card the man outside had given her. It contained a poem written on the inside. He wrote it, and it was beautiful. She had kept it for a week, and, as such, it was time to throw it away. Without even caring to look at it, she threw it in the trash.

Estella opened a drawer in her night stand and took out a photo. It was of her love, and it was torn. The missing half was of his soul-mate, his wife, his love, but it wasn't. Estella was, but he didn't think that. The only force that matched her love for him was his match for 'her'. The thought drove another painful spike into her.

"You made me," She pointed at his face. "you stupid bastard." There were tears in her eyes. She wiped them away and lay on her back, her arms hanging over the edge of the bed. As she rested in that position for a minute, two, five, and ten, she began to see how unfair she had been. A part of her wanted to call off this fake relationship, but another part told her how unfair her solitary suffering would be. Maybe if she tortured everyone around her enough, then he would see what his love had done to her, and then what? Her own destruction and his. It was a bitter reward. She didn't want it.

She picked up the phone and called.

A sleepy voice, "Hello?"

She panicked. Whose voice was that? Had she called her love instead of her false 'love'? She didn't know. They were so similar in voice she realized, and dress, manners, tastes.

"Hello?" Her voice trembled.

She confessed everything.
Talked to a man who caught the
raninbow's end he found
That the pot of gold resided within
Fame~Citzen Cope

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