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Hera to Zeus

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:34 pm    Post subject: Hera to Zeus Reply with quote

I wrote a thing and I'm actually quite proud of it.

I know there are some problems with it but I'll have no time to work on it tomorrow and I really wanted to share it and get some critiques if anyone's interested.

A little background:

It's written in the style of Ovid's Heroides and I've separated the couplets just to make reading it easier. I haven't actually followed any metre, I mimicked the translated poems which had each couplet divided into a line of 11 and 9 syllables. (And if any of the couplets are off please let me know, I used a syllable counting website but we disgreed on a few lines).

Hera to Zeus:

Hera sends this to her husband the divine Zeus so
that she may ask: Have I been forgotten?

Am I abandoned? Am I left alone on an
island and surrounded by all the wild beasts?

Or is my husband in the woods chasing nymphs
lusting after mortals and plotting

abductions? I have been loyal in my vows
but the same could not be said of you.

Not satisfied with one wife you have taken
seven and I your last thought we could

have a happy marriage but you dishonoured
your sacred promises and pursued

anyone unfortunate enough to wander
through a meadow or bathe in a spring.

I could name your many conquests, Io,
Maia, Callisto, Leda, Niobe

Instead I ask where are mine? I bore you three
children, strong Ares, beautiful Hebe

and the goddess of childbirth herself is yours.
The god of fire and metal is mine

alone by no other. And for my loyalty you make
a joke of me in my sacred house.

I am expected to welcome your children
on Olympus as though their presence

were not in itself an insult to me. I
said nothing as the messenger, the bard

the huntress, Leda’s daughter, the wine soaked
god and wise goddess of battle made

their home in the shadow of our marriage bed.
But your favourite hurt me above all

else. Alcmene’s son, your pride and my shame.
He was named to honour me, you joke and

I am honoured. Praised that another
woman’s child should carry my name. How clever.

Your favourite son and neglected wife as
one. So proud are you of his tricks

but mine you condemn and rage at me, for what?
A gadfly, a snake, a crab, a storm.

You protected your women from me but I was
used as bait in a trap for Ge’s son.

Your conquests felt my fury because I did not dare
anger you once more. A storm I sent

against your favoured son, his safety you
care for. As though I am the first to send

winds and rain against an impious mortal.
Your brother did the same against another man

but he was not chained to the side of mount Olympus
and left to await your divine mercy.

None of the gods dared cross you and come to my aid
save my own son and for his love of me you

threw him from the mountaintop and left him crippled.
I dared not anger you again and

so the women who tempted you away from me were
the ones to feel my anger but you are

always quick to threaten me with the whip when you
are angry and leap to wild conclusions.

Was ever there a marriage as hopeless
as ours? Procne and Tereus?

But Procne and Philomela had their just
revenge. Medea and Jason,

theirs was a wedding planned on Olympus and
founded on love. Ended in tragedy.

Unhappy mortals who destroy all they hold dear
I dare not walk that path for fear of you

But I fear you no more. Our day has passed
and your power wanes Thunderer

I fear you no more impotent Zeus and write
these words so that you may know my anger.

I say farewell and offer you a parting prayer
Live together with your women, sleep in a cursed bed.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Well done! That's quite an accomplishment. Very impressive.
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