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New novel idea

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:16 pm    Post subject: New novel idea Reply with quote

Been playing around with a novel concept today instead of going to class. Needed some time off from everything, as my life has become absolutely too confusing. So, I spent my day listening to Pachelbel played by Tibor Pinter (music.download.com). And from the small plot I already had, a bit of inspiration from the music, and some brief planning, I came out with a bit of a plot rail. I want to follow this one through, and don't plan on giving myself eight characters to follow (the reason my last novel is progressing at a snail's pace). Anyway, here's the first to pages. Thoughts, comments, corrections?

Three shadowy figures moved with practiced grace through the brush. Moonlight was the only light, and intermittent clouds limited even that. From above, a nocturnal scavenger chirped it's displeasure once, and then remained silent. Elric was the first among the group, a full five feet in front of the two others. Normally his short blond hair would have stood out among the shadows, and his blue eyes would have reflected the moon's glow in a faint way. Tonight, thick black grease covered all of his skin and hair. The faint glow from his eyes was unavoidable, it was just something he had grown accustomed to.

Behind him a branch snapped. Elric froze in mid-stride, inching his hand down his thigh. Placing his palm lightly on the hilt of his weapon, he let his fingers wrap around the freshly sealed leather handle. The leather was still slightly damp, as if the resin had not had time to set. Elric kept his hand on his weapon until two short chirps sounded behind him. The “all clear” signal. He moved forward again.

Undergrowth stretched out along the patches of light, illuminated only in some spots. Blue tinted leaves and vines tangled themselves in a disparate attempt for the day's sunlight. Among them were gorgeous flowers in every hue. Brilliant reds, yellows, and blues danced in a gentle night breeze. When the sun rose, and they three were gone, small insects would fly this entire expanse. The botanists had told him that those insects, normally just a nuisance, were the ones that kept the flowers alive.

Elric tried to remember how long they had gone like this. The three of them had been moving through the night for at least a week now. During the day they would take to small caves, stream beds, or anything that would provide adequate cover. Only during the night could they safely move toward their objective. Tonight, it finally seemed, they were approaching their destination.

As they cleared the undergrowth they had crept through since dusk, they entered the first hints of a forest. Here the trees were shorter, stretching out from the main body of the forest as if to escape from their larger brothers. Vines wove themselves along the first few rows of trees, but managed no further. This was the “Black wood”, and Elric was very familiar with this. After all, this was once his home.

The wind changed, and with it carried the distant sounds of an organ player's work. Elric's pulse quickened, his palm pressing tightly to the hilt of his weapon. The organ groaned low, and then simultaneously spun in dizzying voices. One man's work was an entire company's tune, well hidden within this forest.

Once the wind died down again, the organ playing vanished into the depths of the woods. No moonlight managed to pierce the thick canopy above them, not even on a good day. Tonight there was absolutely no light before them, and quickly Elric found himself feeling his way forward. One hand outstretched, the other resting on his weapon, he moved forward. Hopefully, his companions would do the same.

Something stirred inside of him when the organ playing came back. It was much faster now, almost with a purpose. The playing reminded Elric of a bird with it's leg trapped. Flapping furiously, but with focused intent. Each beat of the wings was almost erratic, frantic. Yet, each movement was planned, practiced. It was a perfect balance between chaos and order. A master's control over disorder.

Each step forward made the music louder, although there was no light. Each movement toward the sound sent his pulse just a beat higher. Almost as if the master could hear his beating heart, the music rose in tempo and energy with every step. It was easy to let himself be caught in the organ's rising tempo, easy to allow himself to become oblivious to almost everything else.

When the organ playing stopped suddenly, he stumbled a few steps forward in a daze. Trying to get his bearings, he tried to pry some sort of direction from the darkness. Now that the music had stopped, and he had not been paying attention, he was well and truly lost. Stories came flooding back, horror stories he heard as a child about the Black Wood. Stories of entire hunting groups entering, but never returning.

His blood froze when he heard the first scream. The owner was easy to identify as the man who had been behind him and to his left. Now though, it seemed as if the man's screams came from his right. Instinctively Elric dropped to the ground, digging his fingers into the soft earth beneath him. He willed all of the horror stories he had heard to be just children's tales, but something primal inside of him was absolutely terrified.

Another scream pierced the darkness, belonging to the other member of his group. Each cry was pained, as if all of the suffering of a lifetime were somehow compacted into one moment. Neither man even stopped to breathe, they screamed until their lungs held no more air. Gradually, silence overcame the darkness once again. Faint rasping was still audible, as if the two were still trying to scream. As if they had never stopped trying to scream.

Elric jumped a bit when the music began again. This time it was slow, almost sorrowful. A haunting melody began to fill all of the dark spaces that were the forest, and once again Elric was drawn into it's call. Scarcely aware of his actions, he rose to his feet. He almost had enough presence of mind to realize he should proceed cautiously, or even to run as fast as he could. Instead, all he could manage was to walk steadily forward while the music rose in volume and tempo again.

It didn't take long for the music to overwhelm his senses. Nothing outside of the slowly rising tempo existed any longer, save for the gradual plodding of his feet along the ground. The tempo hastened yet again, exploding the air around him with it's feverish pitch. Elric remained entranced by it, almost incapable of doing anything but following the sound of it's call.

Lights began to illuminate the forest ahead of him. At first it was a dull warmth that barely broke through the darkness beneath the trees. Small glass cages were suspended from tree limbs, in a roughly hexagonal shape. Two points rose from either end, with metal casing mirroring the glasswork's lines. Passing under the first light, he was only barely aware that the lights were strung together with wire, leading forward into the woods.

The music slowed to a more patient tone. A hint of curiosity swelled from one of the twirling string of notes, as if to beckon him closer still. He obeyed, incapable of getting a single thought through the fog that filled his mind. Darkness fell away quickly as more lights seemed to appear from within the shadows. Long strings of glimmering, dancing flames lined the rows of trees. All of them led to a central point, and within that point stood a massive organ piano. There, sitting at the keys, was the man he had been sent to kill.
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