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Carlisle and the Little Mouse

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:12 am    Post subject: Carlisle and the Little Mouse Reply with quote

This is a first draft. Tell me what you think!


She woke from a dream on a bed of moss. Try as she might she couldn't remember the dream. It mildly frustrated her. The frustration was compounded when she realized she didn't know where she was. It was like a hollow in a tree. The was a small pond with bubbling water and the walls were covered in lilies and the branches curved in such a way to make a window too small for her to crawl out of. The air was fresh and filled with the fragrance of flowers. A slight movement towards her feet caught her eyes. A small brown thing, a mouse, stood like any mouse on its hind legs.

He said, "Good morning, how are you today?"

She felt she should be quite shocked at a talking mouse, but there was a strange peace. "I've had a strange dream. I can't quite remember it. Who are you?" She leaned closer to get a better look at this small companion.

"Dreams are often forgotten. Sometimes it's for the best. I'm Carlisle. I'm the room your sitting in, and the building it's located in as well."

"You're this place? You are not. You're a mouse."

"This form is just for your comfort. I've found it less frightening than speaking through the walls."

"Okay, but where is here?" She climbed down off of her bed and sat cross-legged in front of Carlisle.

"Well, here is I. I'm not really sure where I am relative to the outside world. It's hard for a person of structure to know this. Especially when that PS can't see outside. That reminds me, could you tell me what's outside?" Carlisle tilted his mouse head at the window. "Please."

She picked up the mouse and walked over to the window where she placed him on the sill. "I see a city. There are two large towers. One is shiny and the other it covered in foliage."

"I've heard of these buildings. From the descriptions I've been given, I hear the one of glass and metal is quite handsome."

"Well, I'm not really sure about what buildings-"

"Person of structure."


"I'm not a building."


"Do I not speak? I feel your every foot step, and I breath the air you breath out. I know who I am. I'm Carlisle, see? And I find it very hurtful to be thought of as an object."

She scooped Carlise up then carried him to her 'bed' where she sat down. "I'm sorry Carlisle. Why don't you tell me about yourself?"

Carlise stood in her hands. He was like an actor on a stage, delivering his big speech. His entire body flowed in dynamic gestures as he spoke:

"I was not always the building in which you now dwell. No, once I was a man that walked the Earth, but that was the old times. They said I could live on forever, and I took their word. They put me in a seed and planted me in the ground. I grew, and I continue to grow. My halls inch forward with each year ever reaching towards the sky.

This avatar may seem small to you, but, to me, you are the little mouse. In here I see all, I feel all, I take the air you breath and turn it fresh." His gestures became more tragic: "But it is an often lonely existance. I will never see the world outside. I hear the birds sing from that very perch, but never shall I see them in flight. The people walk my halls without any word. Years have passed, and I'm still here. I'm trapped, you see. My roots are so deep in the Earth... It's nice to see anyone interested in me." He smiled up at her.

She returned his smile. It made her glad that she had found a friend. For weeks they talked, and every day Carlisle would ask about the shining tower out of the window. He listened intently and was never bored. In return he shared stories of the going ons in his halls. She learned about the relationships they went through. The new person, the woman that had a baby, the man that lost his job, and of the girl he used to speak to when she would listen.

One day she woke to rain. Carlisle was standing on the sill listening. She walked up behind him, but her didn't turn. He sat transfixed towards the sound, and sang a sad song. She remembered it vaguely. It might have been from one of her dreams. The song made her heart ache.

"Carlisle, that song..."

"Today is the last day."


"They're coming. Right now they are."

"What? Who?"

"Little Mouse, if you're meant to leave. Tell that beautiful tower I think of her everyday, okay?"


"They want you to remember now."

A strange powder fell from the flowers. It smelled like memory. She started to see herself in a new way. Not the now or the past month, but the 18 years that she never knew were there. Suddenly she realized her birthday was February the 4th, and she knew her name, but why did that matter? All those dreams she never remembered crystalized. She saw a hundred hers, meeting Carlisle for the first time and saying "good-bye, we'll meet again." several times over. Sometimes they were friends, and sometimes not. She knew just one Carlisle, but he knew dozens of her. She couldn't tell which was the real one. And she knew who was coming.

"Carlisle, I don't want to go."

"I'm sorry Little Mouse. Please, just please."

A passageway opened up and they came again. It would be the last time they said good-bye.

A calm and friendly face said to her, "Please come with us miss, this is the last surgery. It'll all be better after this. Everything will be fine after this last one."

She started to cry, "Carlisle.."

"Little Mouse, sometimes I sleep and dream. If you promise to dream of me, maybe we'll meet again there."

The friendly men took her away. She didn't fight them. It never worked before.

Carlisle stood on the sill and sang his sad song. He sang the song he always did when he said goodbye. And as he sang, the lilies weeped tears that ran down their petals and fell into nothingness.
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