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Mercedes Lackey fan-drabble

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:23 pm    Post subject: Mercedes Lackey fan-drabble Reply with quote

I was actually reading a Harry Potter fanfic, wherein was mentioned needing to cast eight wards in a row. And then I thought, couldn't you link them together to a trigger spell, so that you'd only need to cast one and the rest would follow? So I started writing that, and it turned into a Valdemar fanfic. And since I have about five minutes before the bus comes, I made it a drabble. Kechara means beloved, and is used as a term of affection by the tribes of the Tayledras. Imagine the Na'vi, but human shaped and with magic. Just a bit of fun when I should have been studying. ^_^


“All right, now carefully.”

Maera shifted her hand through the crackling air as her teacher watched, pulling the wards along with it. A tingling flutter in her belly marked the shift in mage-energies, and mage-sight allowed her to see the coruscating layers drift downward until they touched the ground. A blinding flash, and the job was done. The workroom was warded by a cascade shield, and Maera would only have to cast a single shield to pull the others rippling down behind it. A fraction of the energy, for nearly double the value.

“Well done, kechara. And now, some dinner?”
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