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Some kind of sea shanty deal, or Irish folk music one.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:52 am    Post subject: Some kind of sea shanty deal, or Irish folk music one. Reply with quote

Prompt was a tune that had been rattling around in my head. Accordion, ocean waves, and seagulls playing background to a man's voice singing this:

"Nothing compares to the sea, to the sea
No, nothing brings you back to me."

After three days, this is what I ended up doing with it. Unedited yet, though. Just scratched this out on the way home.

A rambler, a sailor, a fine rogue was I
I'd traveled the ocean, I'd roamed the seas wide
And never a moment I'd consider on land to stay
'Til I met a sweet lady that one fateful day

She had eyes of darkest cocoa, her skin soft and fair
Her smile was so warm as to melt every heart there
I fell in love with her the moment she felt the sea air
The girl with the chocolate eyes, and dark chestnut hair

So I ventured that night out on to the town
I saw the lovely fair lady dancing in her shapely gown
I went to her side, and I asked she too sail the seas wide
To be my bride of the foamy surf, be always by my side

To that she laughed out quite merrily, "No sailor am I"
And said to leave the gentle shores, surely she would die
But should ever I happen to live my life ashore
She said "My dear roguish love, my heart will be yours."

I returned to my vessel a much saddened man
For to give up the sea was to give up who I am
But as fine a jewel as she comes but once a man's life
So I vowed I'd find honest trade, and make her my wife

We settled in the country, a small home we had there
But back to the rolling seas, oft I did stare
Quickly I realized the land was not for me
And pleaded with my lovely wife, for to come sail the sea

We packed up our home, we sold our small farm
Then we sailed the calm ocean breeze, with my lady at my arm
I watched the sun warm her skin, and the wind touch her hair
And I knew I'd never find a happiness as I had found there

But the sea, she has a jealous heart which no man should slight
And she blew in a hurricane on our honeymoon night
The ship, it was dashed upon the rocks by the shore
I found no sign of my dearest wife, I knew I'd hold her no more

Now the ocean she haunts me, for I've escaped from death's maw
Yet without my love by my side, I've no joy in life at all
So to all ye young hearts who show their loves to the sea
Take this tale and be cautioned lads, take it from me

The sea is a woman who you're best not to scorn
Live your lives on land in happiness, where your bed's always warm
. Dubbed "Usagi" by AsA .
Keeper of the Siderean Swords

"If by chance some day you're not feeling well, and you should remember some silly thing I've said or done, and it brings back a smile to your face or a chuckle to your heart, then my purpose as your clown has been fulfilled."
Red Skelton
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