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The Superman - Man of Steel

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 11:39 pm    Post subject: The Superman - Man of Steel Reply with quote

Characters from DC Comics, ideas randomly thought of. Enjoy Mr. Green
Also, please keep this thread comment free and start up a separate thread for any constructive criticism or whatever that you may have.

Also, some ideas gotten from the Superman Batman adventures. Need to get some ideas from somewhere, then I go a bit crazy with the writing Razz

Metallo Vs Superman

He fought the sensation to be sick as he neared the bald man called Lex Luthor... he knows that Luthor wouldn't go anywhere without that shard of Green Kryptonite. The man staggered as the radiation tore through him and Lex continued to get closer...

"Alien, freak, monster. That's what you are. You are of no use to this world anymore! You've brought many...freaks to Metropolis, wrecked and cost this city millions of dollars as well." Lex spits at him.

"And yet...you are the one who.. *ungh* brought most of them here...to kill me..." Superman gave a weak grin. "You've failed time...and again."

Lex snapped his fingers and a man came forward...at least he looked like a man.

"Metallo, you know what to do." Lex says with a grin.

"Of course..Lex." Metallo says with a flat tone as he runs towards Clark, aka Superman.

The first punch hit him straight to the head. It is so hard that he could have sworn he was seeing things as a shadow moved at the edge of his vision. Another punch and Superman had collided with a wall, ducking as Metallo threw in another punch. He moved to the side and started to fly upwards but Metallo grabs him by the leg and pulls him down, slamming his face into solid cement. Then, Superman is pulled up by the hair so that his face is facing Metallo, a horrible mistake on Metallo's part as he gets blasted by Superman's heat vision and is punched away. Again Superman heads to the skies, though not stopped this time, and uses his heat vision to melt holes throughout Metallo's body.

Why do they do this? Superman wonders and he speeds down towards Metallo and punches his chest, sending the Cyborg smashing into a building. Metallo, Brainiac, Toyman, Parasite, Luthor. All of them locked locked in some kind of....never-ending battle.

Metallo looked at his reflection in the glass, "My face! You've ruined my face, Kryptonian!" He sends a hard punch to Superman's Chest, in which he retaliates...
"And by the time this is over I'll have wrecked more than that!" He again punches Metallo in the face.

Metallo pulls his shirt open, "Remember, Kryptonian, you brought this on yourself!" As he does he reveals the Kryptonite. Again Superman feels the urge to be sick as he glances to Luthor watching far below.

Kryptonite. About the only thing that can actually hurt me. The last fragments of my homeworld, and all it brings me is death. Superman thinks as he gets punched in the face, blood being drawn.

"Nngh!" Superman falls to the ground, chest heaving as Metallo puts a foot on Superman's Chest.

"You're lucky that I don't want you dead." Metallo glances to Luthorcorp far below, "Luthor makes me sick at times. My loyalty is not always bound to him... and lucky for you, I'm tired of killing people," He brings his foot off of Superman's chest, "I don't want anyone else dead because of me ever again..." And he jumps off the top of the building and to the other.
Superman watches him until he is out of sight and turns his gaze back down to LuthorCorp. Superman can feel his wounds healing as the Sun hits him, and the Kryptonite gone...

He then squints, Luthor coming into clear view far below, as if he stood right in front of Superman. His eyes glow red with heat as he directs a ray of his heat vision so that the Kryptonite's casing in Luthor's Jacket melts all around it.

Superman gets up and then flies high into the sky, flying at superspeed. Away from Metropolis and towards where his most valuable ally lives...
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Joined: 23 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Bat and the Girl

Superman arrived at his destination. The City that always seemed to be in shadows...Gotham.
From his height Superman could see Wayne Tech, the tallest building in the city, besides the Clocktower, which came to a close second. He scanned the rooftops with his enhanced vision finally spotting the Dark Knight. Also known as the Batman.

He flew down and landed next to Batman and spoke, "Anything new?"

"No," Batman said in that grave voice he always uses. His right hand goes to his belt and he takes some binoculars from the first pouch on the left. He brings the binoculars to his eyes and starts to scan the city again. Though this time Superman joining him.

"Things have been...too quiet lately, Clark." Batman says at last, ceasing his search.

"So there hasn't been anything unusual at all?" Clark raises a brow.

"Nothing. Though that doesn't relieve me...When thongs are too quiet that just means they are planning..." He puts the binoculars away and looks to Superman.
"So what did you do today? Save the world from another Alien race?" A very faint bit of sarcasm is heard in Batman's voice.

"Do my ears deceive me?" Clark says, raising his brow and looking at Batman with a smile, "Did I hear you finally say something even remotely funny?"

Batman looks away, "Nope."

Clark rolls his eyes, " You seriously need to buy some humor Bru--"

A gunshot is heard loud and clear in that moment of time, cutting Clark off. Almost instantly after the first shot another one is fired.

They both react instantly, Clark taking off towards the shots at Superspeed, and Bruce firing off his grappling hook to the nearest building, close to where Clark was flying.

When he got there he saw Clark looking at two dead bodies. A man and a woman. The scene is horribly familiar to Bruce and he looks away towards the end of the ally.
"Superman...over there." He motions towards the trash cans and Clark goes towards them slowly before going towards a small space between them, reaching his hands towards it.
"Come on out...he's gone..." He says in a soft voice.
A girl around the age of eleven comes from her hiding spot to Clark. He picks her up and holds her. The girl looks towards the two dead adults and starts crying.

Bruce looks away and examines the ground, spotting footprints and he takes off, following them without a word to Clark.

The girl continues to cry into Clark's shoulder. Clark patiently pats her gently on the back.
"Things will be alright in time. I promise. The man who did this will get caught. if not by Batman, then by the police...Might I ask your name?"

The girl sniffs, "I'm...I'm Julie. I..I know that you're Superman. I see you on TV saving people all the time..." She goes silent for a long moment.
"How come you didn't save my mom or dad..?" She asks, breaking the Silence.

"Now, Julie. I can't save everyone...I can try, as can my friend...But we can't save everyone. Though we sure try." He,Clark, pats her gently on the back again.
"Let's get you to the police station, alright?"

Julie nods and Clark takes to the air, putting his finger to his ear and activating the comm.
"Taking the girl to the Police station, her name's Julie for future reference."
"Alright, haven't got the shooter yet though..." Batman says before letting the line go silent.

Clark gets to the station with Julie and talks to a policeman. They ask Julie gently for questions and when they are done take her to a small room.
"We're going to have to keep you in here for the night. We'll have someone guarding you, alright?"
Julie nodded.

The Next day the station got a phone call. The Policeman answering the phone raised his brow before nodding.

"Come on down to Gotham then and fill out the paperwork and she'll be in your custody." He said before hanging up and going to the holding cell and entering, Julie was wide awake and watched the man come in.

"Julie was it?" He asked. She nodded.

"Well, Clark Kent has just called. He's going to come and sign papers to be your adopted parent."
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Joined: 23 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 10:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 3 – Bringing Her Home --- Part 1

Clark drives his car to Gotham and up to the Police Station. He gets out of the car and straightens his jacket and adjusts his glasses before finally going inside. The police station looks like any other. Police getting coffee and having their breakfast. Some receptionists sit answering phones…Several policemen gave distracted nods to Clark. He returns them politely before going to the nearest desk.

“Excuse me, I’m Clark Kent. I’m supposed to fill out some paperwork before getting custody of a young girl named Julie Flynn.” He says in a clear, calm voice.

“Ah…yes, Mr. Kent, follow me.” The young woman gets up and leads him to a sturdy door with brass plate which says; ‘Captain Schnider;.

“Hold on please.” She opens the door and closes it. Clark concentrates and suddenly…

“That man, Me. Kent is here to sign those papers.” The Receptionist says.

“Very well,” A man with a deep voice says, sighing, “I honestly didn’t expect him to arrive this early.”
The door opens and Clark is let inside.

“Good morning Mr. Kent.” Schnider gets up and shakes Clark’s hand. “I see you were informed of what happened to young Julie’s parents.”

Clark nods, “Yes, quite sad. I know that something similar once happened to Bruce Wayne.
The Captain frowns a minute before nodding, “Yes, a similar thing did happen to him.” He then picks up some papers on his left.

“I need you to read and sign these, then you will be her legal guardian.”
Clark nods and reads the papers over, signing whenever necessary.

“Alright, everything seems in order. Let’s go get the young girl…err lady.” He gets up and leads Clark to the holding cell.

“You kept her in there?” He asks with a raised brow.

“Yes, we had nowhere else to keep her.” Schnider says as he unlocks the door. “We brought her belongings here this morning. So she is ready to go.”
He opens the door. Julie is sitting on a bed with a few suitcases by her feet, holding a stuffed Black Labador.
Clark sits on a chair next to Julie.

“Hey, Julie.” He says softly, and she looks up.

“You’re Mr. Kent?” She asks.

“Yes I am, and you can call me Clark.” He smiles faintly, she doesn’t return it. “Come on, let’s go.” He picks up the four suitcases, two in each hand. When they get to the car, Julie silently opens a door and gets in the back seat as Clark loads her things into the trunk. He looks up to a nearby building and sees a black figure with a flowing cape. Clark smiles and nods, closing the trunk, and getting into the front and starting the car. He drives away from the Gotham Police station and starts the several hour trip to Metropolis.
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