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The original edition of Volume I, published by Seven Seas and the independantly published Volume II which comprises chapters IV-VI, with 4 bonus content pages including a worldmap of Earthsong, a sneak preview of new Vol.IV characters, a link for exclusive online wallpapers, and more!

BONUS: Your order comes with a free Earthsong bookmark!

Deluxe Customers: Please use the form above to indicate which Earthsong character (bust only) you would like sketched into the front cover of your book. If you are ordering a DOUBLE Deluxe, be sure to indicate which character you want in which volume!

(For example: Zaebos 1, Tristram 2)

* Note: This is the shipping rate for Australia and the EU. If you are living elsewhere and would like a copy, please contact me and I will calculate the shipping costs.