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September 19, 2010

Welcome to Tomgeeks! I hope that you enjoy it!

My husband and I (mostly me) will often jokingly call each other all sorts of insults that are synonyms for "geek". Occasionally it turns into a game where we have to trump the other's insult with another. Once you think there aren't any more geeky insults to use, you play the trump card... "hall monitor". If the other person can't think of any other geeky insult either, you win! But if they can... well, I think we all know what happens then!

(You lose)

The insults here aren't all ones that we use (my husband knows better than to call me "fatty") but the game definitely inspired this strip.

I didn't have hall monitors at my school either. Does anyone? Or is this just something that happened on "Leave it to Beaver" that's become some sort of urban legend?