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Welcome to Earthsong!

Earthsong is a full colour epic fantasy webcomic that ran from June 2004 to its completion in October 2016. The story encompasses 5 volumes and over 500 pages. Written and illustrated by Crystal Yates, this comic represents over a decade of work and love. I hope you enjoy reading it and will follow along with my latest comic-making endeavours over at overmorrowtales.com when you're done!

The story centres around a sanctuary planet, called Earthsong, which is alive and sentient, like all other planets. People from across the universe are brought to her surface in order to escape the effects of a deadly plague. Should they remain on their homeworlds, the plague will kill them, but on Earthsong, it grants them incredible powers and immortality. Earthsong would be an idyllic place, were it not for the invading force that threatens her and her visitors. A renegade planet has been waging war on her surface for centuries, but one day, a new visitor arrives on Earthsong, and she just might change everything...

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Or if you prefer a paper-based reading experience, the entire print collection is available for sale! Digital copies are available through Gumroad, as well as an Earthsong novella!

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