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October 20, 2014

Hallowe'en nostalgia: Anyone remember Mr. Boogedy? It was a Disney Sunday Movie back in the 80's and I loved that thing so much. It was just the right amount of scary for kidlet me. Well, they've gone and put it on your two favourite legal download sites (i-melodies and Brazilian rainforest, of course) and I would love to get it, but apparently Canadians are not welcome! It's only available on the US sites. Booooooo, I say to that, boooooooo!

And yes, I know that I could do the whole proxy server thing, etc. but I feel tired just thinking about it. Make it easy for me to give you my money, companies! Is that too much to ask? *sigh* Guess I'll just be watching the crappy recorded-on-someone's-vhs version uploaded to youtube again.

Bonus fun facts: The older boy in Mr. Boogedy is also the voice actor of Mako in Legend of Korra. The younger is the kid in "Alf".

VOTE INCENTIVE: Speech bubbles in comics are a blessing and a curse in comics. Sometimes they help me cover up things that aren't going so well, other times they cover up a good chunk of the art, despite planning for them in the early drawing stages. The first and third panels on this page are examples of the latter, to be sure. Vote to see a version of today's page sans speech bubbles!

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