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October 17, 2016

So close, everyone, SO CLOSE to the end! AHH!

Earthsong will come to a close on October 31st, which is also the day that I will be launching my NEW COMIC! It's a short story - a fable, really - and it's something that convention attendees have been asking me for for years. I'll explain what I mean by that later, but I'll just tease you with it for now! ;)

Check out the new vote incentive - the LAST vote incentive! I've been a bit lax over the past year or so about vote incentives, but I wanted to put more energy into the comic itself rather than bonus materials. Still, I thought I'd throw in one last hurrah of a vote incentive! So throw me a few votes over these few remaining weeks, eh? I think the pic will be worth your while, especially if you're a shipper ;)