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May 16, 2016

I have survived Ottawa Comic Con and made it home safely! ...And now I'm going to leave again. It was my 10 year anniversary while I was in Calgary for their convention, and with Ottawa so close after it, we didn't have a chance to celebrate. But we're doing so now with a vacation to Mexico! I am excited - I've never been to Mexico. Also a little exhausted from all this travel, but it will be worth it!

However! This means that I will not be home to post a new page for you next Monday. Sorry guys!

SO: NO PAGE ON MONDAY MAY 23. But there will be a page Monday May 30th. And then the week after that will be Earthsong's 12th anniversary and I've got something BIG planned for that, so maybe find it in your heart to forgive one missed update? ;) Thanks all!