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1. About the Earthsong Universe ~ In Brief
2. About the Author
3. The Truth Behind Willow ~ Canon Clues

About the Earthsong Universe ~ In Brief:
The planets are living powerful beings and the sentient species that occupy their surfaces are their children. They face a crisis when their elemental lifeblood begins to seep into the children, eventually culminizing into a soulstone which gives them great powers, but at the cost of their life and eventually that of the planets’ too. One childless planet, Earthsong, is given the task of retrieving these children from their homeworlds and bringing them to her surface where they are safe. She is given tools made of Siderean, or star, element which allow her to remove the soulstone from its host and both back to their planet of origin. Visiting children remember little of their previous lives while on Earthsong and when they return they recall only glimmers of what occurred during their time away. These individuals often build up legends and myths around their strange and fragmented memories of alien species.

About the Author:
Crystal Yates has been writing and drawing Earthsong since June of 2004, when she completed her honours Ba in Fine Art History, Egyptology and Archaeology with which she hoped to become a museum curator or teacher. She took a year off of her scholarly pursuits to recharge her mental batteries and make a little money working. Part of the former endeavour was the launch of Earthsong, which had been brewing in her head for some time. Started solely as a hobby/distraction, Earthsong was eventually redrawn and then put into print for the first time in June 2006. It was completed in October 2016, after 12 years of running online and a successful kickstarter to put the rest of the story into print.

Crystal lives in Ontario, Canada with her two demon spawn and husband.

The Truth Behind Willow ~ Canon Clues:
This summary of all the clues that indicated what Willow is appeared on June 29th, 2009 along with the actual revelation itself. It is included here just in case you missed that particular update.
Again, please do note that this information contains spoilers - if you haven't read the comic up to it's current update, I recommend doing that first.

So... Willow is Earthsong’s Eve.  What’s that you say? You knew all along? Well, of course you did.  And here’s why:

~Appearance:  The ends of their hair (or “hair” in Earthsong’s case) curls exactly the same way. Willow’s eye colour is the same as Earthsong’s manifest stone. She looks like a lavender skinned, white haired human - Nanashi is Earthsong’s closest child, and Earthsong even modeled her manifest form after Gaia’s (see vol1, first edition character gallery) – it makes sense then that her Eve should look relatively human.

~ Able to touch the manifest stone:  If Willow had a soulstone of any other element the difference in the energy resonances of the two different element types should have seriously harmed her.  Because she one, has no soulstone, and two, her blood, being an Eve, is composed entirely of Earthsong’s element, there was no conflict at all.  (Nanashi can touch it because her soulstone is made of Siderian element, which is a composite of all the elements in existence.)

~ No memory of her “past”: She has no past to remember!  Willow is about one month old.

~ No record/remembrance of her species: Self explanatory now.

~ Naturally recognises Earthsong’s native species:  The griffin and, to a lesser extent, the unicorn horn.  If Zaebos had just kept showing her native species instead of dragging her off to the library to look at the bestiaries, he might have figured this out on his own.

~ Physical ineptitude: Throughout the story, Willow has demonstrated a lack of stamina and physical prowess.  It could have just been the gigantic billowing skirt slowing her down, but it has more to do with being a brand new lifeform than anything else.

~Earthsong admits feeling a deeper connection with Willow: She doesn't understand it at the time, but that's the connection there.

~ Willow can hear Earthsong's "voice" outside her telepathy range: While Willow can't hear Earthsong's voice anywhere on her surface, she can hear it within a much greater range than the others.

~Earthsong is crippled by the pain of Beluosus’ activated infection and suffers earthquakes:  The concentration of an Eve’s element is second only to that of the Manifest Stone and since element is what makes up a planet’s being/consciousness, it was felt just as much by Earthsong as it was by Willow.