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December 15, 2014


But no, seriously, how fortuitous is it that THIS should be the last update my break, eh? Ten years of waiting have finally paid off - it's a Christmas miracle! ;)

It's been ten years of waiting for me too, really. I promised myself I'd never post anything mushy about them until it happened properly in the comic because spoilers suck. It was hard, but I stuck to it. But not that hard, because I got to tease the lot of you about it all along the way too ;)

Anyhow, I hope you all have a lovely holiday season, as my end-of-year, holy-crap-the-kids-are-home-all-day-for-two-weeks vacation (No pages on Dec 22 or 29) begins now. Earthsong updates will return in the new year!

VOTE INCENTIVE: Christmas card art! Long time readers know that I do a family portrait for my Christmas cards each year, and this time around I went with a Charlie Brown theme. Vote to see yours truly all Peanut-ified.

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