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November 7, 2016

The website is done! Please head on over to A Dance With Death to read the latest page of my latest comic which isn't late at all! I hope you'll all enjoy it. It is a fairly different story than Earthsong, but it's still me telling it, so I like to think it will appeal to anyone who enjoyed my earlier work :D Come see for yourself though!

See you over there!

I will still announce various things on the Earthsong site here from time to time, such as when the books arrive, when the stretch goals of the kickstarter are done, etc., but I'll be moving most of my updates and what have you over to the new site, so please get those bookmarking fingers ready to add the new site to your favourites!

Thank you all again. The last 12 years have been marvelous, and I'm glad I still get to entertain you with my newest comic making efforts as well!