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October 5, 2015

I am back from vacation and I am still exhausted from it. My parents took all their kids and all their grandkids to Disney World for four days, which was amazingly generous of them, as that is no cheap vacation even if you aren't flying down to Florida from Canada! We all had a blast - many pins were traded, rides enjoyed, and treats consumed. We had lunch in the castle, which was beautiful, but my favourite restaurant was the SciFi Drive-In Diner in Hollywood Studios. I even got to meet Gaston outside his tavern! He was the only character I really wanted to meet (since they don't have visits with Malificent). We did their Hallowe'en Party and my feet hurt just thinking about how we were in the park that day from 9am to midnight. With little kids to boot. The fireworks were worth it though! :D

I gotta say though, I don't know how Florida has the nerve to call that hot, humid weather "autumn". Bah! Give me a crisp, cold, Canadian fall any day! Glad to have gone, and glad to be back. And now... to work!