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March 23, 2015

I have triumphed over March Break! Looking forward to a solid work day today :D

I hope you all enjoy today's big ol' slice of backstory. You finally know why Skogul hates Nanashi so much! ...Besides the whole being-on-opposite-sides thing. Back when I was a young, naive comic artist thinking that I could fit a thousand side stories into this comic, there was going to be a whole arc where you learned about the history of the feud between these two. And now you get a single page. And some George-Lucas-esque story reworking to foreshadow it. PROGRESS! ...?

VOTE INCENTIVE: My oldest kidlet (8yrs old) likes to draw comics all. the. time. Mostly they are the continued adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and the like, but still! I am a proud nerd momma. Sometimes he asks me how to draw something. So for today's vote incentive, I present to you Kidlet#1's attempt at Charlie Brown alongside my demonstration.