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August 29, 2016

Earthsong kicstarter starts August 29th

It's finally here! The Earthsong Kickstarter has officially started! Pledge, my pretties, pledge!

Remember there are SEPARATE tiers for 'books' and 'books with bookplates' - this INCLUDES THE EARLY BIRD tiers for all 5 books. ie there are TWO separate early bird tiers! And because Kickstarter auto sorts them according to price, it looks a bit jumbled with one of them appearing before the "4 books" tiers and the other appearing after them. Please make sure you select the right one and remember that they're LIMITED! There are 50 in the just-books tier and 30 books+bookplate! The early bird tiers are SOLD OUT! I did not see that coming!

Fun Fact: the planet that appears in the Earthsong video (which I spent a long time on and you should all watch) shows Earthsong's ACTUAL geography and is based on the map I drew for the extras in Volume 2!

Also, I will be at FanExpo this weekend, booth A320 in the Artist's Alley, where I will be quietly stressing out about this kickstarter campaign. Come say hi!

(PS if you can't remember why Tristram's so bent out of shape about returning to his homeworld, here's the section of the comic where he talks about what his remnant is)