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October 17, 2016

It's the last page of the comic proper! But come back next week for the FIVE PAGE epilogue (which you are getting all at once - it's a sort of "what happened to everyone after the story ended" deal) and for the launch of my brand new comic!

It's weird to be done this crazy sprawling comic. I'm not sad about it though to be honest - I'm happy that I got to tell the story that I wanted to tell, and that I FINISHED IT. *well-earned fistpump* There ought to be some sort of webcomic hall of... not "fame", per se, but maybe "endurance" for those of us who manage to complete these decade long behemoths! At any rate, I look forward to ascending into my ultimate webcomic form next week.

I'm not even honestly done though when you think about it. I still have to create the art book and write the prequel for the kickstarter stretch goals! (both of which will be available digitally in the store for those of you who missed out on the kickstarter)

And while I would love to take a few weeks off and regroup before launching my new comic, I don't want any of you loverly people to wander off in the meantime, so I am going to get right to it next week and give you a few pages to read. I am looking forward to all of these endings AND new beginnings!