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April 27, 2015

Today's page is why I had to go back and change Nanashi's dress. I always knew the sari would be coming off, but I didn't factor in just how much I would loathe seeing Nanashi in a midriff top with pants. (It was a LOT.) Oh, the things I could avoid by doing practice sketches! But nooooo, that would make too much sense.

Coming up on 11 years in webcomics and still so much to learn. *sigh*

Ottawa Comic Con is coming up - May 8-10th - and I will be there!

VOTE INCENTIVE: My new print for this year's convention circuit , Holy Crow! I had fun working with a lot of texture brushes and doing some calligraphy. Hope you enjoy my way-too-serious-and-thus-perfectly-silly take on one of mankind's more polite expressions of surprise/disbelief.